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Our treatment room is located in the Vediya - A Center for Well-Being, in Los Gatos.

What We Do


"I got Shizuka's treatment several times. She blends the oil based on my condition or mood, and it makes me feeling something special and happy, Her hands are very warm and keeps me worm and comfortable, I always relieved, relaxed after the treatment and have a good sleep on the night."


Get to Know Us

Shizuka Yamada - CAMTC #39523


I am a certified Massage Therapist in California. My specialty is Swedish, Aromatherapy Massage and Lymph Drainage. It is my pleasure to help reducing your stress or concern, and see your smile.

SweetRose is your massage salon that specializes in Aromatherapy, Swedish massage and Lymph Drainage. Aromatherapy is the ancient method of healing, relaxing and energizing using plants and their parts which be called essential oils. Each oil has specificity potentially, so Aromatherapy massage would affect your mood better and also be expected to relieve your pain.